Arielle Wilkins is a U.S. Portland-based artist/designer who was raised in the heart of Texas. Inspired by her father’s performing arts background, she quickly immersed herself in music and naturally visual arts.

Color, creativity and black pride intertwine in the magical mystery ride that is within Arielle’s art. She effortlessly notes the evolution of the portrait painting tradition and makes anyone who views her pieces smile. Her characters exist in a world more bold and colorful than our own. Where natural hair roams free and strong yet relaxed/confident/ personas come to the forefront. Arielle’s work is meant to prompt a wide spectrum of untapped exposure and celebration of black culture. The evolution of the modern woman and man, curls and bountiful afros on deck.

Originally Arielle's brand started out as Brothas N Sistas and grew her brand under that name for many years, but she recently decided to rebrand herself to a more colorful name that suits both her and the work that she creates.